Are DuroMax Generators Any Good? Yes! (Explained)

DuroMax is a USA-based company that has been providing affordable and reliable generators since 2003. These dual-fuel generators can run on Gasoline or liquid propane which makes them more versatile.

Moreover, DuroMax generators have some unique features that make them stand out from other available generators. But that doesn’t mean that this would be the perfect fit for you. Because which generators will suit you best depends on your specific requirements.

So, here I’m going to share different aspects of DuroMax generators. After reading this, you will surely be able to decide whether DuroMax generators are any good or not.

So, let’s get started.

Where DuroMax generators are manufactured?

DuroPower engine and power tool manufacturer makes DuroMax generators. This company also makes pumps and other power tools.

DuroMax generators are manufactured in Ontario, California, United States. Though the company named DuroMax started its journey in 2003, the mother company DuroPower has been in business since 1989. Currently, DuroMax has about 20 different generator models available in the market.

DuroMax generators- Good or Bad?

Before choosing a generator, you must check for certain features. These are must for a generator to be considered as good.

DuroMax has years of experience and a reputation for providing fantastic services. This is one of the most popular brands in the US. Their products are approved in all 50 states of America.

DuroMax Generators

Here below, I’m mentioning some of the features of DuroMax. Let’s have a look.


A good generator should be able to serve for a long time without any interruptions. Nobody wants to spend time fixing generators again and again. In this case, DuroMax can be a good option.

DuroMax generators have two 120 V outlets that can meet regular home power supply demand. Besides, you can use either gasoline or propane according to different situations which is great flexibility.

Built quality:

The generators are made of cast iron steel. That’s why it is protected from any hazardous situations. So, no matter whether it is running or not, the generator is secured. In addition, not all other generators in the market of this budget range have such good built quality as DuroMax.

Run time:

That depends on what type of fuel you are using. Generally, a 13,000 W or 15000 W generator can serve for 6 – 16 hours depending on the capacity of fuel.

But as per some users, while using gasoline, the generator can run for about 8 hours. On the other hand, using propane as fuel can increase the running time up to 20 hours.


DuroMax generators use 500cc OHV engines to run electricity production. This is a four-stroke engine and is capable of running on both gasoline and propane.

With this setup, the generator can supply 120V and 240V at the same time and can provide only 120V at full power.


For generators, noise is a prime concern. Most generators create too much sound which is so irritating. In that case, DuroMax is comparatively better.

The built quality is such that it generates less noise. Moreover, the Super-Quiet Muffler system of DuroMax is designed to reduce the noise to the next level.


Though the warranty policy of different models of DuroMax generators can vary, most models come with a 3 years warranty policy. 

But this can change with different suppliers and models of generators. So, it’s best to discuss this with the dealer before deciding to buy a DuroMax generator.

Are there any drawbacks of DuroMax generators?

People who are using DuroMax generators don’t have that many complaints about it. Though it won’t serve you like the high-price generators available in the market, you will get very satisfying results at an affordable price.

But some users say, the plastic wheel that supports the generators can get flat due to the weight. This minor issue can be solved by changing the wheel as you prefer. Except for some little issues like this, the generator will serve you really well.

Are there any good alternatives to DuroMax generators

Those who are looking for alternatives, don’t get disappointed. Because DuroMax is not the only option when it comes to portable generators.

Rather there are several similar generators with almost the same facilities. Some brands like Honda cost a bit more than DuroMax.

But there are brands like Ryobi, DeWalt, etc. They are offering generators with fantastic facilities and also at affordable rates.

So, these brands can be a good alternative to DuroMax generators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will a DuroMax generator last?

DuroMax can run for 6-16 hours depending on fuel capacity. Most generators can serve for about 3000 hours of power supply.

What engine is in a DuroMax generator?

DuroMax generators have a 500 cc OHV engine, which is hybrid and can run on both gasoline and propane.

Does a DuroMax generator charge its own battery?

Yes. The battery will be charged while the generator will be running.


The DuroMax generator is a great deal at an affordable price. It can be a good alternative to the premium generators like Generic which can cost you a lot more.

The flexibility of using both gasoline and propane is an excellent feature that you will enjoy. The lifespan of the generators can be really well if you take proper care. Besides, the warranty policy is also satisfactory.

So, considering all these, the DuroMax generators can be a good choice if you are looking for a good deal within budget.

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  1. I have had to run a generator during a power outage for as long as 60 hours. Don’t think I want to shut down and change oil during that time. Get a generator with a pressurized oil system and an oil filter. It will serve you much better. I was going to buy one of these until I found out this piece of information.

    • Thank you for your comment! Your experience with running a generator during a power outage for 60 hours highlights the importance of choosing the right generator for your needs.

      Indeed, having a generator with a pressurized oil system and an oil filter can be very helpful in situations where you need to run the generator for an extended period of time. These features can help ensure that the oil stays clean and the engine runs smoothly, which can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of the generator.

      I appreciate you sharing this information with me and my readers. It’s always helpful to learn from the experiences of others when it comes to choosing the right equipment for our needs. Thank you again for your comment!


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