Are Harbor Freight Generators Any Good? Yes! (Explained)

Harbor Freight generator is quite a popular brand due to its satisfactory service at a comparatively low cost. That’s why for a long time, it is one of the first brand names when people think about mid-budget generators.

Long performing time, durability, less noisy operation, etc are some of the features that make the Harbor Freight generators stand out. But to be honest, not everything about this brand is good. There are some cons too.

If you want to have a deeper knowledge of the performance and features of these generators, this article is the best thing you can ever read. So, let’s start.

Are Harbor Freight Generators Good Quality?

Though there are many available generators in the market with so many features and facilities, Harbor Freight is a great option within budget.

Many modern and high-performing generators can serve for a longer time in a higher capacity than Harbor Freights. But the price is a big concern. Harbor Freight will serve you with satisfactory performance. And the beauty is that the price is almost half of the market-leading brands.

Take a breath, that’s not the whole story. There is more to know about this generator. So keep reading to explore every aspect of Harbor Freight generators.

Harbor Freight Generator

Who makes Harbor Freight Generators?

Due to the cheap price of these generators, many people think them as a Chinese brand. But that’s completely wrong. Rather, Harbor Freight is a USA-based power tool company.

Since 1977, the brand is providing the market with low-cost power tools. But the quality and service are quite good compared to some high-price generators. That’s why the brand is still one of the trusted names among clients.

Where are Harbor Freight Generators made and manufactured?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Harbor Freight is an American company. All of their manufacturing units are in the USA.

The design of these generators is done in Calabasas, California. With a state-of-art design center and advanced manufacturing unit, these generators are manufactured.

The products of Harbor Freight that this brand makes

Though there are many models of Harbor Freight generators, two of the most popular products are listed here.

  • Predator 9500:

The predator 9500 is one of the most popular models of Harbor Freight. It comes with a 459cc engine and a run time of 18.5 hours. The company claims it to be 90% quieter than other available generators in the market.

  • Predator 2000:

This model is popular for its compact design and portability. This can also be a good option as an outdoor camping power source. With 2000 watts capacity the generator will run by a 797 cc OHV engine.

This generator will have electronic overload protection. It can supply power for about 12 hours continuously at 50% load.

How does the Harbor Freight Generators warranty work?

The warranty policy is not that good. Most models come with a 90 days warranty for the generators.

Within this time, if any of the functionalities of the generator fails, the company will replace the generator with an exactly similar model. But most users think the warranty time span is lower than expected. 

How long Harbor Freight Generators will last?

Well, it depends on how the machine is handled and maintained. If you are ask about run time, depending on the capacity, the generator can run for 12 to 18 hours.

When it comes to the durability of a generator, it can serve for about 2000 to 3000 hours. With proper maintenance, a generator can last for years after years.

Are Harbor Freight Generators any good? Top reasons to buy them

Now, here below I’m mentioning why you can choose a Harbor Freight generator.

  • Price

The price of these generators is surprisingly lower than most high-end generators.

  • Run Time

The run-time of these generators is satisfactory as per their capacity.

  • Huge Collection

There is a wide variety of generators available from this brand. So, you can choose as per your requirements.

  • Design And Duribility

The design and durability of this generator are considered good according to the price.

  • Less Noise

The generators generate less noise than most other available generators.

Are there any drawbacks to Harbor Freight Generators?

In the beginning, I mentioned that there are some drawbacks to these generators too. So, now it’s tie to mention those.

  • The warranty time is very low. Though there are not too many records of failure of generators within this short period. But the warranty policy can be improved.
  • You may not get premium service if you compare it with some best generators from leading brands like Honda.

Are there any good alternatives available for Harbor Freight Generators?

Though for many people these generators can be a good option to buy, they may not be the best for you. Because this completely depends on your particular requirements.

So, if you are not willing to buy Harbor Freight and looking for some alternatives of a similar price range, have a look below.

  • Pulsar 2300 watts
  • Sportsman gasoline 4000 watts
  • Black Max 3600 watts, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do predator generators have Honda engines?

No Rather predator models have a similar clone model of Honda engine.

How loud are Harbor Freight generators?

The brand claims that the generators are quieter than a conversation sound.


Harbor Freight generators are basically for those who are looking for cheap generators but expecting a satisfactory service as well. These mid-budget generators perform really well for a satisfactory amount of time.

But if you are expecting premium warranty policies, high run time, and extra functionalities, you should look for premium brands. Undoubtedly those will cost much.

So, that completely depends on you whether you want to spend money on premium brands or you are okay with a mid-ranged one.

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