Are Pulsar Generators Any Good [Detailed]

Pulsar is a well-known brand for generators and is popular for its good yet affordable products. Unlike some cheap Chinese brands, these generators are more durable and come with some premium features like safety tools, ease of operation, etc.

Compared to some other generators brand, this brand may be a bit costly. But it will be worth the money in terms of performance. 

Anyways, there are some limitations to these generators too. Noise level and portability may not be as good as you expect. So, to have an overall idea about these generators, read this article to the end.

Are Pulsar Generators Good Quality?

Pulsar generators are of the most renowned products in this category. There are so many models to choose from according to your preferences.

Pulsar Generators

But before going to any decision. I would like to explain all of its important features as well as drawbacks. Then you can decide for yourself whether this generator is a good fit for you or not.

Who makes Pulsar Generators and where are these manufactured?

When anyone is thinking of buying a new generator, the manufacturing brand is one of the prime concerns. Many people prefer an American brand over Chinese or others.

For those, the good news is Pulsar is an American brand. The headquarter of this company is in Ontario, California. Though the engine is manufactured by a Ducati in China, the brand is completely operated from the USA.

The products of Pulsar that this brand makes

You may know that there are several products from this company except for generators. But portable generators are the most popular products. Pulsar has so many generators with different power outputs.

Among them, two of the most popular models, one for low watt rate and the other is for high watt rating are described here.

  • Pulsar PG12000B:

This 12000 watts generator is one of the finest generators in this power range. It is CARB approved and features Dual-fuel engines. Electric start, and switch and go technology makes this model more functional and easy to operate.

Also, the perfectly engineered wheel that will support the generator will never go flat. It only weighs 209 pounds. So, it adds another dimension to portability. 457cc OHV engine provides a reliable service.

  • Pulsar PPS1000:

This is 1000 watts mini power station for outside camping or remote power supply. It comes with a 110V AC supply and a 12V DC supply for charging. There is a C-type port too in this generator.

This is one of the cheapest models from the brand and can be a great solution for remote areas.

How does the Pulsar Generators warranty work?

 Generally, most products from this brand come with a three years warranty. Under this policy, the material and workmanship are covered.

Another thing to mention is that the non-rechargeable battery won’t be under the facility of this warranty. On the other hand, for a rechargeable battery, you may get one year of warranty.

How long Pulsar Generators will last?

As per the user’s opinion, you can use a generator from this brand for years. There is no hard and fast rule to determine how long it will survive.

Though with a full tank of 6.5 gallons, a generator will serve you nearly 8 hours of power supply.

Are Pulsar Generators any good? Top 5 reasons to buy them

Now I’ll be discussing, why you should consider buying pulsar generators. Here are the top five reasons.

  • The flexibility of fuel:

Pulsar uses dual-fuel engines to run generators. So you are free to use gasoline or propane. The fuel-switching capability enables you to switch between fuels almost instantly.

  • Well designed:

The structure and design of Pulsar generators is really attractive. A blend of black is the main colour for these while there are sim models with a greyish look. Most of these generators are extremely portable and lightweight.

  • Durability:

There are no such complaints about the durability of these generators. Rather, people have been using one pulsar generator for years. Depending on how you maintain your machine, the lifespan can be increased.

  • Safety:

When it comes to generators, safety is one of the primary concerns. As Pulsars models come with the latest technologies, there are different safety mechanisms in those generators. Circuit protection, overload protection, automatic voltage regulation, etc are some features worth mentioning.

  • Runtime:

The Pulsar brand offers various generators with different fuel capacities. Models with about 6.5 gallons of fuel capacity, they can run for about 8 hours on a 50% load. So, this is undoubtedly a satisfactory performance.

Are there any drawbacks to Pulsar Generators?

Though compared to the price and facilities, the drawback is minor. But still, it can affect your decision. So, here I’m mentioning the cons of these products.

  • The portability may not be as good as some other generators available in the market.
  • These generators are not as quiet as some high-end generators.
  • There are limited output channels which can be a matter of concern for you.

Are there any good alternatives available for Pulsar Generator?

Well, there are so many generator brands available in the market. Here I’m mentioning some of those which are in a similar price range like Pulsar.

  1. Harbor Freight
  2. Generac
  3. Cobra, etc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which engine does the Pulsar generator use?

Pulsar generator uses OHV 4-stroke Ducati engines.

Are pulsar generators made in China?

No. Only the engine is manufactured in China while the brand is USA-based.

How do you start a Pulsar generator? 

To start, simply turn the fuel line on, and pull the rope gently until you feel resistance. Then pull it briskly, and it will be started.


Pulsar generators are both affordable and quality at the same time. That’s why these are a fantastic choice for those who have a tight budget.

No machine is perfect and can cover all the aspects of a user. So, there are some limitations of this brand too. But I hope that won’t bother you too much.

If you don’t think this is a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to look at the alternatives that I’ve mentioned.

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