Are Solar Generators Any Good? [Explained]

Solar generators are great for those who are looking for a clean energy supply without using any fossil fuels.

Another fantastic thing about solar generators is, that most of them are completely portable. So, no matter whether you want to power your house appliances or are thinking of going camping, these generators can be your power source in every situation. 

But there are some limitations to solar generators too. Lower efficiency, dependency on weather, etc are some of those. So, basically, you can use solar generators as a secondary power source. Using it as a primary source may not be a good decision. So, when should you use solar generators and when not?

Well, this is the topic I’m going to discuss in this article. So, to have a brief knowledge about these, read it to the end without skipping. 

Solar generators – Good or Bad?

Since solar energy is clean and renewable, it is completely environmentally friendly to use a solar generator.

Though it is not as effective as other fuel-based generators, it can be a good alternative for remote areas where fuel is not so available.

There are many other features for which choosing solar generators can be wise. Later in this article, I’ll share those. Now, let’s see some of the best brands making solar generators. 

Solar Generator

Who makes the best solar Generators?

Recently, solar generators are becoming popular among people. That’s why due to the increasing demand,  many brands manufacture solar generators. 

Among them, some of the best brands are,

  • EcoFlow:

Ecoflow is one of the leading solar generator brands popular for producing affordable generators. They have various models of generators of different capacities and features.

  • Goal zero:

This is another popular brand. Yeti 1500x, and Yeti 500x are some models that many people prefer from this brand.

  • Maxoak:

This brand is also known for its affordability. Compact design and reliable service are something worth mentioning for this brand.

There are many other available brands offering different features. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. 

How many years do Solar Generators last?

Well, it depends on several factors like the brand, quality, maintenance, and environment.

Generally, a solar generator can last for about 20 to 30 years under proper supervision. If any of the small parts get damaged, a little servicing may be needed in that case.

Again, as most solar generators come with a warranty, any issues that are covered under the warranty policy can be fixed. You can also get it replaced with a new one if it gets damaged.

How does the warranty of solar generators work?

It also varies from brand to brand. In most cases, each brand offers at least two years of warranty service.

Some companies cover servicing under their warranty policy. In some cases, you can also enjoy a replacement warranty under applied conditions.

Are solar generators any good? (5 reasons to buy)

When it comes to the reason why you should choose a solar generator,  there are so many I can mention. But here I’m just focusing on some main reasons why you can buy one.

  • Free of fuel:

This is probably the best feature of a solar generator. The power source of these generators is direct sunlight. So, you need not worry about buying or carrying fuel to run the generator. 

  • Low cost and low maintenance:

The installment cost is a little more for solar generators. But over the year, these generators will save you the cost of fuel. So, it’s a win-win situation to get a solar generator. 

The initial setup is a bit complex for solar generators. But as it has very few parts and simple connections, the maintenance becomes so easy.

  • Durability:

Solar generators can serve for years after years. As there are no additional parts, the possibility of wear and tear is little. So, you can enjoy hassle-free service. 

  • Portability:

Another best feature of these generators is that most of the generators are portable. the lightweight and compact design allow you to carry it wherever you want.

  • Noise:

This is the most annoying thing about a generator, the noise. But since there are no moving parts in a solar generator, there will be no vibration or noise from it. So your neighbors will never complain again about the sound.

Are there any drawbacks to solar generators? 

That may sound a bit sad, but Yes. There are some limitations of solar generators. Some of the main disadvantages are described here below.

  • The performance of a solar generator completely depends on sunlight. So, in areas where sunlight is not available or the weather is not sunny, this generator won’t do anything well.
  • The efficiency of solar generators is not as good as conventional generators. The design and materials are still to be improved a lot.

In spite of these problems, solar generators can be a great choice as an alternative source of energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a solar generator power a house?

To power a house you may need a 6000 watts solar generator which is not very common for a single generator. 

Can a solar generator power a refrigerator?

Refrigerators need a huge amount of current which is not easy to generate from a single generator. To run a refrigerator a minimum of 1500-1800 watts of generator is needed.

Can a solar generator run 24/7?

No. There should be sunlight to make the generator work. Though you can store power for later use by using a battery.


Environment specialists are promoting solar-powered energy these days as it is completely pollution free and safe. So, the demands are growing each day.

Though there are some limitations to using solar generators, they can be a great secondary power source. Portability, no need of fuel, facilities to store power, etc make these generators worth buying. 

If you are trying to save some money while using clean energy, you can go for a solar generator without any hesitation.

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