Are Wen Generators Any Good [Answered]

Wen generators are a great deal for those who are looking for cheap generators but expecting high quality. 

No fancy features, rather direct and reliable performance enable this brand to keep the price low while providing quality performances. That’s why the brand is still popular after so many years.

In this article, I’ll discuss every detail of Wen generators. So, basically, this is going to be a guide for you to decide, whether this generator is good for you or not.

So, let’s get started. 

Are Wen Generators Good Quality?

The Wen generators are good quality compared to the price that you will need to spend for this generator.

There are many companies making fancy generators with lots of features and updated technologies. But the brand Wen is focused on manufacturing generators with minimal functions and making them affordable.

Wen Generator

Who makes Wen Generators and where are these manufactured?

Wen generators are manufactured by an American brand. This company has been producing different power tools since 1951.

Though generators are one of the main products of Wen, they have other products like a wood saw, various hand tools, etc. 

Where are Wen Generators made and manufactured?

Wen is an American brand. The headquarters of this company is in Illinois, USA.

But like many other companies, Wen also manufactures their products in China. Due to raw material costs, labour costs, and supply chain maintenance, it’s more convenient to run the production in China rather than in the USA.

The products of Wen that this brand makes

Wen has some fantastic generators available in their inventory. The wide variety of their products and affordable price of each of those make the brand stand out.

Some of the best products from Wen are described below.

  • Dual fuel generators:

These types of generators can use two types of fuel as their power source. You can use Gasoline or Propane as per the availability. Though the rated power will vary with fuel, this flexibility of using either fuel makes remote camping easier.

The DF250i 2500 watts or DF1100T 11000 watts- the brand has different capacities for this type. 

  • Inverter generators:

When it comes to inverter generators, Wen has so many models to offer. On their Official web page, you can find them all in their inventory. 

Wen 56380i super quiet or Wen 56200i 2000 watts are some of the popular models. 

  • Generators with Carbon monoxide sensors:

These special models can sense how much carbon monoxide is emitting from the generator. When it’s in an alarming situation, the generator can automatically shut down.

Wen 56235ix, DF1100x, etc are some models with CO sensors facilities. 

How does the Wen Generators’ warranty work?

 The warranty policy for Wen generators is not up to the mark but it’s satisfactory. But remember this will only work for normal defects, not for any kind of mishandling or accidents.

The brand offers 500 hours of the facility to check if there are any missing parts in your machine. Besides, you will be able to enjoy a warranty policy from 30 days of the purchase date.

How long will Wen Generators last?

This is a tough question to answer. I mean there is no hard and fast rule to determine how long a generator will last. 

It depends on the maintenance of a generator. But normally a generator can last for 25 years if maintained properly. For a generator of capacity with 3 gallons of fuel, it can run about 7.5 hours continuously. 

Are Wen Generators any good? Top 5 reasons to buy them

There are some reasons for which you can consider buying a Wen generator. Here I am mentioning the top 5 reasons for buying a Wen generator.

  • Affordable:

This is considered the best feature for budget customers. You will enjoy almost premium service except for some fancy features within an affordable price range.

  • Quite:

These generators produce very little noise. The company claims that the noise level is less than an average conversation. 

  • Structure:

The structure and build quality of Wen generators are really good. The design itself reduces the noise and vibration to a great extent.

  • Product variety:

Wen has a lot of products of different power capacities. So, no matter what your demand is, you may find a product in their inventory.

  • Durability:

As per the customers, Wen generators are durable and can perform for a very long time. Many people are using generators for years after years without even any severe maintenance. 

Are there any drawbacks to Wen Generators?

According to some users’ real-life experiences, there are some issues with these generators. Though these are not the same in all models, some of the drawbacks are mentioned below.

  • There are some models which don’t have a close structure. Those models can generate high levels of noise, which is undoubtedly irritating.
  • Another problem is that many people have complained about the fuel consumption rate of some generators. Though the brand claims that its generators are more fuel efficient than others, this may not be the case every time.

Are there any good alternatives available for Wen Generators?

Well, in the market, there are always some alternatives to almost every product and Wen generators are no exception in this case.

If you are looking for alternative brands, you can check out the following which is almost similar in price range with similar facilities.

  1. Harbor Freight generators 
  2. DuroMax generators 
  3. EcoFlow
  4. Sportsmen, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which engine does the Wen generator use?

Wen generally uses OHV 4-stroke engines. The size of the egnine can vary from model to model.

Are Wen generators made in the USA?

Though the headquarters of Wen Generators is in Illinois, the  USA, the production and manufacturing unit is in China. 

Does Wen generator get damaged by rain? 

For any generator, rain can be dangerous if it enters the resources casing, fan, or fuel tank. The same goes for Wen generators too.


Wen generators are one of the great choices if affordability is your concern. The brand has a wide reputation for manufacturing optimized machines.

The company primarily focuses on producing generators dedicated to a power supply only. There are no fancy features that will increase the price of the product. As a result, Wen is capable of supplying good service within budget.

So, if these things can convince you, you may not regret buying one of these generators. 

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