7 Best Portable Projector for Camping – [Within all budget]

Along with connecting with nature, many of us plan to have a good movie night with our friends and family on a camping trip. Yes, it is easy to get portable projectors that you can carry easily for camping trips. But many projectors are not really capable of providing a good image quality in outdoor scenarios.

In fact, we have found many that struggle to project bright, clear, and sharp images in outdoor conditions while looking for the best portable projector for camping. But the good news is that you will not have to worry about getting one of those sub-par camping projectors with your hard-earned money.

Through the knowledge we gained by having hands-on experience with the available portable projectors, we will make choosing the correct device feel like taking a walk in the park for you. All you need to do is stick till the end!

Best Portable Projector for Camping

Quick Summary

We have gone through tons of projectors for camping. And we did find a good number of portable projectors that offered a good value for the money. However, these are the ones that managed to impress us with the picture quality and features that they boast:

  • Top Pick: Firstly, the Anker Nebula Capsule sports a great integrated speaker unit. It will fill the area up with the audio from the videos and make your content-watching experience more immersive.
  • Best Portable Camping Projector: Secondly, if you were looking for a camping projector that takes little space, opt for the AKASO Pocket-Sized. It is pocket-sized and will fit in most backpacks without any issues.
  • Camping Projector with a Bright Lamp: Finally, the Anker Nebula Mars II PRO packs a bright lamp. It will provide a bright image even when there is too much ambient light around. Also, the contrast ratio is pretty high.

A Little about Portable Projector for Camping

One of the things that most projectors lag is when it comes to offering excellent image quality in a well-lit room. They will not provide a bright image when there is a good amount of ambient light around.

Due to how incapable they are in such conditions, being able to project images in outdoor conditions is totally out of the equation for those. That is precisely where a camping movie projector steps in. They will have all of the specs required to watch movies and other conditions in outdoor environments.

Some of the best outdoor projectors will even come with unique features that will make the setup feel like a breeze. With those, you will face no issues at all while trying to get quality time with your dear ones on the camping trips.

Best Portable Projector for Camping

There are hundreds of mini projectors out there. But the thing is, not all of the projectors accept HD content, nor will they be capable of providing the best image quality in conditions where there is too much ambient light around. However, these will excel in such scenarios:

1. Anker Nebula Capsule

Anker Nebula Capsule

Carrying portable speakers with the mini portable projector is probably something you would not want to do for your next camping trip. Too many devices can be a little tricky to handle. Well, that is why you need to check out the Anker Nebula Capsule.

The first thing that makes it a good pick for the best portable projectors is the built-in speaker units. Thismini projector will be capable of pumping out sound in all directions as it equips powerful built-in speakers.

But the Bluetooth speakers are not the only thing that makes the Anker Nebula Capsule stand out from the other mini projectors. The mini projector also integrates advanced IntelliBright algorithms, which canoutput a high-resolution image on the projector screen.

Other than that, this Capsule has a reasonably small form factor. You can easily fit this in your backpack and still have loads of space for other camping gear. The battery life is quite stellar as well. This mini projector can offer up to four hours of runtime.

This camping projector even integrates an Android OS, which will make it easier to set things up. The bundled app will let you easily control all of the parameters. Also, the mini projector can offer a reasonably large screen. It can go up to 100 inches. Watching movies on it will surely be an immersive experience.

Why Should You Get It?

The Anker Nebula Capsule is a prime example of a great portable camping projector. It sports stellar built-in speakers and has reasonably long battery life. This mini projector also integrates an Android OS. So, controlling it will be a breeze.


  • Features omnidirectional Bluetooth speaker
  • Utilizes IntelliBright algorithms
  • Provides bright images on the projector screen
  • Small and highly portable
  • Integrates Android Operating System


  • It does not have multiple USB ports
  • The internal storage is not that large

2. AKASO Pocket-Sized

AKASO Pocket-Sized

One of our key concerns was portability while looking for the best mini projector. And this portable projector from AKASI managed to impress us in that regard.

As you might have guessed after reading the label, this mini portable projector is pocket-sized. Don’t have enough space in your backpack after stacking everything you need for camping and outdoor activities? You can just put this in your pockets.

What about image quality? Even though it is small, it can output anHD image on the projector screen. The resolution will be better than the LCD screens that you will find on portable media devices. So, you can have a fully immersive content-watching experience.

The mini projector also features a long lamp life. It can offer a service life of up to 30 thousand hours. That is more than what most average portable camping projectors can offer. Also, you will find loads of connectivity ports. Making a USB connection to the device will not be an issue either, as it has a full-sized port.

Furthermore, the rechargeable battery is reasonably large. It has an8000 mAh rating, which means you can easily watch movies for a prolonged time when there is full battery power. It even has built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth chips. For that reason, worrying about carrying an optional wi-fi adapter will not be necessary.

Why Should You Get It?

If you are looking for the best battery-powered projector for camping, you need to consider this one. It is one of the pico projectors that will fit in your pockets! Also, it can offer a great image on the portable screen or any projector screen.


  • Highly portable
  • Can offer high-quality images
  • It packs a big battery
  • Sports multiple input ports
  • Has wireless chips


  • It does not support streaming apps
  • Not that easy to set up

3. Anker Nebula Mars II PRO

Anker Nebula Mars II PRO

The brand Anker seems to be dominating the outdoor projector market space. And we have got yet another portable projector from them that is worthy of being the best camping projector. Want to know what it offers? Continue reading!

First of all, it is brighter than a regular LED lamp.It can offer higher overall brightness on the projector screen. And this camping projector will ensure that you have a fully immersive experience when watching movies and other contents outdoors.

Talking of which, it sports a stellar Bluetooth speaker. The 10-watt drivers will provide a sensational audio-listening experience when using this movie projector. Also, the lamp can offer a high level of clarity and details on videos. That will enhance the movie-watching experience even further.

Another thing that makes this portable projector stand out is the throw ratio. It can offer a 100 inches screen at a distance of just 8.73 feet. The mini projector also sports a high contrast ratio. So, the white parts of the images will be exceptionally bright.

You will even find multiple USB ports on the back of this outdoor projector. There is even a true vertical lens shift present on this portable projector. As a result, getting a perfect picture out of the lens will be easy.

Why Should You Get It?

The DLP lamp of this outdoor projector is way brighter than the regular LED lamp that some outdoor projectors use. As a result, it can efficiently overcome light pollution and offer you a crisp and enhanced movie-watching experience.


  • Utilizes a bright lamp
  • The distance is praiseworthy
  • Excellent sound quality
  • It has a high contrast ratio
  • Provides stellar picture quality


  • Has no direct support to mirror Netflix
  • The built-in apps are a bit clunky

4. LG PF50KA


Are you looking for the best projector for RV? You might want to checkout what LG is offering here.

Let us first talk about how versatile this portable projector is. It comes with a proper wireless chip, which will let you make a stable wireless connection with this movie projector. Thanks to the integrated Smart TV projection mode, you can even use this as a portable TV if you want to.

There are loads of connectivity ports on the back of the portable projector.You can attach a flash drive and other media devices with it pretty quickly. The LED lamp has a long lifespan as well. It can offer up to 30 thousand hours of run time.

Talking of which, it sports a reasonable throw distance. You can geta proper 100 inches screen by keeping the outdoor projector pretty close to the screen. It can even handle up to 1080p. And that resolution is pretty much the standard for a movie projector.

The outdoor projector utilizes a battery with a reasonably good capacity for the power source. It can offer a good battery life. Also, the built-in media player can handle loads of different video formats. Even the built-in speaker unit can offer superb sound quality.

Why Should You Get It?

It is a highly versatile mini projector. Its power source is a large-capacity battery, which has good battery life. Also, the throw distance is pretty praiseworthy.


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • It has a TV projection mode
  • Good battery life
  • The built-in speakers are highly capable
  • Provides sharp and clear images


  • It does not have a proper zoom functionality
  • The OS is a bit buggy

5. ViewSonic M1

ViewSonic M1

While looking for the best projector for camping, you will find plenty of projector models that will promise loads of things. However, only a few can provide a simple and easy setup process. And this offering from ViewSonic is one of them.

To start with, it has a pretty small form factor. In fact, it is more compact than most of the other projectors. For that reason, you will not face any issues while trying to get this portable projector inside the camping backpack. It even includes a smart stand, which will make the installation process a breeze.

The setup process will be pretty easy too. It sports a simplified UI and straightforward control panel. There is a built-in battery that can offer up to 6 hours of battery life. That means you will be capable of enjoying long sessions of movies with this device.

Other than that, the mini projector boastsHarman Kardonstereo speakers. These speaker units will provide excellent audio output and make the movie sessions more immersive.

Connecting different devices with the mini projector will not be a hassle. It features a USB type c port and other input ports. You will even find a remote controller inside the package, which will make it easier to control the projector from a distance.

Why Should You Get It?

The installation and setup process of this projector is simple. And its integrated speakers will offer you an immersive and gratifying movie-watching experience.


  • Small and compact
  • Boasts a simplified UI
  • The built-in battery offers a great battery backup
  • Sports great integrated speakers
  • It has a hefty number of connectivity ports


  • It does not have a wireless chip
  • The thread mount is a bit finicky

6. BenQ HT2050A

BenQ HT2050A

What if we told you that you wouldnot have to sacrifice one bit in terms of color accuracy when it comes to getting the best portable projector for camping? Yes, it is true! Do not believe us? Take a look at what BenQ has to offer here.

This portable projector integrates high-end DLP technology. It can offer crisp and sharp images. And most importantly, the mini projector can provide high color accuracy. So, the pictures you will enjoy from this will be lifelike, and you can get fully immersed in the movies and contents.

Even the input latency of the mini projector is pretty low. It is at 16ms. In other words, you can have a stellar gaming experience on it if you want to play games while being on a camping trip. The lower latency will even make the userexperience feel a bit smoother.

Also, the throw distance is reasonably praiseworthy. This mini projector holds the ability to offer up to a 100-inch screen by just being 8 feet away. For that reason, you will not even need too much space to set this up.

Moreover, its high contrast ratio will ensure that the images have bright whites and dark blacks. That will enhance the movie-watching experience even further. There are loads of connectivity ports available too. With those, connecting different devices with this projector will be easy.

Why Should You Get It?

Its color accuracy is pretty high. And the lower latency will ensure you can enjoy all of the content with this projector without any issues.


  • Boasts high-end DLP technology
  • Offers crisp images
  • It has a low input latency
  • Can offer 100-inch screen with a throw distance of 8 feet
  • Features a high contrast ratio


  • The integrated software is a bit buggy
  • Does not have a proper lens shift mechanism

7. AAXA Technologies P2-A

AAXA Technologies P2-A

Want to get your hands on the best mini projector for camping that will fit in the palm of your hands? Look no further because AAXA technologies have got the projector that you were looking for all this time.

As we mentioned, the projector is highly portable. It is exceptionally compact and will fit into your pockets without any issues. That means you will not need to sacrifice too much space while trying to pack this up inside your backpack.

The battery life is pretty stellar, considering its small footprint. You can get a total of 2.5 hours of run time out of it. Also, the lamp life is pretty high. The LED lamp will offer you up to 30 thousand hours of uninterrupted movie and content-watching experience.

Additionally, it holds the ability to offer a large screen. You can get up to 100 inches of screen size by setting it up correctly. So, it will be possible to enjoya fully immersive movie-watching experience out of it. The lamp can even offer higher brightness and sharpness.

Although the size is pretty tiny, loads of connectivity ports are available. You will also find a full-sized USB, which is really not that common in mini projectors.It also boasts a micro-sdslot.

Why Should You Get It?

It truly exemplifies that the best portable projectors do not have to be chunky in size. Aside from the size, the performance is impressive as well.


  • Exceptionally small in size
  • Can offer up to 2.5 hours of run time
  • It has a long-lasting LED lamp
  • Capable of providing up to 100 inches of screen
  • Features loads of connectivity ports


  • The tripod mount does not have proper threading’s
  • Bundles with a finicky remote

6 things to consider when you buy portable projector for camping

We know that our camping projector recommendations have made it pretty easy for you to pick a projector. But things can get much easier. Yes, it can indeed! But for that to happen, you would need to keep these factors in your mind before making a purchase decision:

portable projector for camping buying guide

1. Size

First and foremost, you would need to consider the form factor. Without getting something that is compact and small in size, it will not be possible to carry the projector with you on camping trips that easily. You will even struggle with setting the device up outdoors.

2. Lumen Rate

The size is not the only thing you would have to factor in before getting a projector for camping. You should also consider the lumen rate. As the projector would mostly be set up in outdoor conditions, you should get a camping projector with a high lumen rate, or else the images will not be that bright.

3. Contrast Ratio

Another thing that you would need to consider before getting a projector is the contrast ratio. It will dictate how bright the white and how dark the black parts of the images will be. And for outdoor conditions, you would need to pick a projector that has a higher overall contrast ratio.

4. Power Source

Yes, you can easily power the projector on by your vehicle. However, if you can get something that has a built-in battery, you will not need to worry about any wires clinging to the inside of your car. So, do get the ones that have good overall battery life.

5. Display Resolution

The display resolution is pretty important. It will dictate how crisp, sharp, and well-detailed the projected images will be. And in this case, the higher, the better. But for most projector models, the native rating would be 720p.  If you plan to view the images on a big screen, we recommend at least 1080p.

6. Connectivity Ports

Last but not least, consider the connectivity ports. Check whether the device has USB, HDMI, audio input, and other output ports or not. Without the essentials, the setup process will be pretty challenging.

Portable Projector For Camping (FAQs)

1. What should be the contrast ratio for projectors?

For a darkened room, the required amount of contrast ratio is 1500:1. However, 2000:1 or higher is always recommended if you want to get bright whites and darker blacks.

2. What does lumen rate mean?

Lumen rate is the light output. Its unit is lumens, which is also denoted by LM. And the higher the lumen rate, the brighter the images will be.

3. Do camping projectors come with integrated speakers?

That will vary from one model to another. Some units might come with integrated speakers, while some might not.

4. Can I run streaming apps natively on portable projectors?

You will be able to run streaming apps natively on the modes that have Android OS or other smart OS. For the others, you might or might not be able to run those apps natively.

5. What is the average battery life for a camping projector?

The battery life will not be the same for all camping projectors. However, you can expect at least 2.5 hours of runtime from these. And the average will be around 4 hours.


By getting the best portable projector for camping, you will be signing up to get a stellar movie-watching and content-watching experience when you are out in the woods. And each of the models we have gone through will offer you that!

However, if we were to choose one, we would opt for the Anker Nebula Capsule. It is exceptionally small in size and packs an omnidirectional speaker. The Android OS will also offer a stellar user experience.

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