Best Projector for Daytime Viewing? (Top Pick + Other FAQs)

Getting a projector to watch movies, play games, or enjoy other content might sound like a great idea. However, when you try to get projectors for daylight viewing, you will find how incapable most available options are. 

Many cannot even provide a satisfactory image quality in a brightly lit room, let alone outdoors. So, while we tried to get the best projector for daylight viewing, we had to test out loads of options. And trust us, comparing the models can be pretty tiring.

But the good news is that you will not have to go through any of that hassle because, in this article, we will give you an in-depth idea about the models that can actually provide perfect image quality and contrast ratio during bright daylight. 

Quick Summary

Best Projector for Daytime Viewing Reviews

A couple of daylight projectors impressed every member of our team in the tests that we have carried out. They are the best projectors for daylight and will provide you with a stellar indoor daylight viewing and outdoor viewing experience. So, if we were to narrow down our recommendation list to the extreme, it would look something like this:

  • Top Pick: Firstly, the Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw has a reliable light source. Its throw ratio is just right for all of the setup configurations. You will also find that it can offer sharp and bright images.
  • Projector with Smart Features: If you are within a budget and want to get a proper daylight viewing projector that has smart features, the Gzunelic Android WiFi Projector should be in your consideration. It can even connect to devices wirelessly.
  • Offers Great Picture and Audio: Don’t want to go through the hassles of connecting speakers with the projector? You might want to check out the YABER Y30. It has proper speakers built-in and can offer a great image and audio quality. 

A Little about Daytime Viewing Projector

Digital projectors had always provided an unrivaled amount of cost-to-screen real state value. Yes, we are comparing it straight with the large TV screen. Get yourself a good projector screen, hook it up with gaming consoles or other output devices, and you will sign up to enjoy an immersive content-viewing experience.

So, where does a daytime projector come in? The issues with some of the projector screen models are that they require a dimly lit environment to offer good picture quality. That means you can’t view the projection screen if you bring it outside or set it up in a room with a bit too much ambient light.

However, you can mitigate that with the best outdoor projectors or projectors for daylight viewing! It will let you get fully into the content without facing any quality or reflection issues. How do they manage to offer that? Better projection technologies such as good pixel-shifting technology.

Best Projector for Daytime Viewing

To get our hands on the best projectors for daylight viewing, we had to do a lot of testing. After checking their overall capability in bright rooms, rooms with high ambient lighting, and outdoors, we narrowed down the list to the ones that provided outstanding color accuracy and bright image.

The list goes like this:

1. Optoma GT1090HDR Short ThrowTop Pick

Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw

We would like to start our list of the best projectors for daylight viewing with an ultra-short throw projector. But does this short-throw projector really deserve this number one spot? Read to find out!

The daylight projector holds the ability to offer 120 inches projection screen while being just 4 feet 4 inches away from the projector screen. So, you can enjoy images on the big screen without going through any installation issues.

This laser projector also boasts a reliable light source. The DuraCore laser light source will even last for a prolonged time. Wondering how many lumens it can offer? 42000! That will provide bright images even in a bright room. You will even get brighter images if you decide to use it as an outdoor projector.

This high brightness projector will not even disappoint you when it comes to image quality. It has a high contrast ratio, and it can output high-resolution images. It will be possible to enjoy crisp and clear images on the big screen.

Surprisingly, this great projector can offer detailed images and a high refresh rate as well. It can go up to 120Hz, which will provide better image quality in fast-paced content. There is an auto keystone correction mechanism.

Why Should You Get It?

The fact that it can offer a large screen size without being close to the screen will surely amaze you. And its high resolution images stay sharp even when there is too much surrounding light. It also features an auto keystone correction system.


  • It has a good contrast ratio
  • Provides sharp images
  • Utilizes a reliable light source
  • The light output offers up to 42000 lumens
  • Can provide higher screen size being just 4 feet and 4 inches away


  • It does not have zoom image adjustments
  • There is no enhanced gaming mode available

2. Gzunelic Android WiFi ProjectorProjector with Smart Features

Gzunelic Android WiFi Projector

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a daylight or outdoor projector that could play content on its own? Well, this offering from Gzunelic can offer exactly that!

The processor is the first thing that makes this the best projector for daylight viewing. It has four cores, and the daylight projector sports Android OS. That built-in OS with the potent processor will let you play content without needing to connect any devices.

If you want to connect devices, you will find multiple connectivity ports on the back. The smart projector even has a wireless chip. You will be amazed by the projected image as well. 

This projector can even provide sharp and detailed images in areas with high ambient lighting. Its source can offer up to 9500 lumens, which will result in good picture quality even inside a bright room.

However, you will not need to pay a hefty price to enjoy all of the things it has to offer. But just because it is an affordable projector, it does not mean it will have a low lamp life. In fact, it features an efficient cooling system to increase the lamp’s lifespan.

Why Should You Get It?

Just because it resides in the affordable range does not mean that it is just another average projector. In fact, it has smart features, which will offer more convenience.


  • Features a built-in Android OS
  • Has multiple connectivity options
  • Boasts a long-lasting lamp life 
  • It offers excellent picture quality
  • The image quality does not degrade when there is too much ambient light


  • It does not have high-quality built-in speakers
  • The throw ratio is not that high

3. yaber y30 projectorOffers Great Picture and Audio

yaber y30 projector

On the lookout for the best projector for daylight viewing that comes with a great sound system? You would need to look at what YABER has to offer here.

Firstly, this outdoor projector has great built-in speakers. The dual stereo speakers will provide stellar audio quality. It will make your content-viewing experience feel more immersive.

Even the display resolution is up to the mark. It can output high-resolution images at 1080p and 4K. Also, the higher contrast ratio of the unit will make the bright and dark areas of the pictures look more lifelike.

Moreover, it sports a proper keystone correction mechanism. As a result, you can have a perfectly rectangular image without the need to go through any adjustment issues. It is reasonably small and compact as well.

The projector has intelligent temperature control, which will keep this portable projector cool even when you run it for a prolonged amount of time. You can also get up to 300 inches of screen size from this mini projector.

Why Should You Get It?

It is a portable projector that can offer an excellent overall picture quality. Also, it has a stellar speaker.


  • It comes with proper built-in speakers
  • High brightness
  • Can provide up 300 inches of screen size
  • Provides high-resolution images
  • The picture quality remains high even in outdoor conditions


  • It does not have a high refresh rate
  • There is no HDMI input port

4. GooDee HD Video Projector

GooDee HD Video Projector

Whenever people hear about mini projector models, they usually refer to a low-resolution projector. Well, GooDee is here to change that!

As you might have guessed, the form factor of this projector is pretty compact. That means you will not have issues carrying this from one place to another. In fact, that makes it very convenient to use this projector outdoors.

Although it is a mini projector, its image quality will surely amaze you. It can provide native 1080p pictures and videos. The high contrast ratio will also make it offer a good picture quality in different lighting conditions.

Additionally, its throw ratio is pretty impressive. It can provide up to 300 inches screen size while being just 4 feet 25 feet away from the screen. Even the lamp life is praiseworthy.

There are built-in speakers available in this model too. That will allow you to use this projector for daylight viewing without the need to bring any additional accessories outdoors.

Why Should You Get It?

The compact size is the main highlight of this projector. However, even though it is small, it can provide an excellent daylight viewing experience. 


  • Compact and highly portable
  • Has a prolonged lamp life
  • Can offer native 1080p images
  • Provides up to 300 inches of screen size
  • Features built-in speakers


  • The vertical lens shift is a bit finicky
  • It does not have any zoom capability

5. view sonic pa503s projector

view sonic pa503s projector

While looking for the best projector for daylight viewing, you might want to get your hands on an exceptionally versatile unit. In that case, keep this offering from Viewsonic in your consideration.

So, what makes it so versatile? It packs advanced visual features that will let you get the most out of this daylight viewing projector. You can use it for content, educational, and professional purposes.

It also provides a large screen. You will be getting up to 120 inches image by setting it 15 feet and 8 inches away from the screen. Also, there is a SuperEco mode, which will let you get a high lamp life out of it.

Alongside that, this daylight viewing projector has a simple installation process. The setup procedure will not require you to go through any intricate steps, nor will you need to go through the manual multiple times.

The unit also has flexible connectivity ports. You will find HDMI and multiple VGA ports to connect different devices. There is a dedicated audio port available as well.

Why Should You Get It?

It is an excellent daylight viewing projector that has versatile features. There is even a large number of connectivity ports on the back.


  • Features advanced visual features
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Can offer a large screen size
  • The installation process is straightforward
  • Sports multiple connectivity ports


  • It does not support FHD resolution
  • The mini USB port does not have power passthrough mode

6. ManyBox Mini Projector

ManyBox Mini Projector

What if we told you that we found a mini projector that can offer a big screen size and has a short throw ratio at the same time? Would you believe us? Well, we did! And it is none other from ManyBox.

As mentioned, the overall form factor of this daylight viewing projector is pretty small. That compact nature makes it easy to carry. Setting it up will be an easy process too.

Another thing that makes it an excellent pick for the best projector for daylight viewing is the screen size it can offer. You can get up to 180 inches by just keeping it 3 feet away from the screen.

The short-throw ratio will also eliminate the hassles that users face while setting up a projector. It will even be possible to install multiple devices into this portable projector.

Other than that, you will find dual speakers on the unit. The speakers are not that bad, considering the device’s size. Also, it has a pretty respectable lamp life. So, you will not have to go through the replacement process that frequently.

Why Should You Get It?

Unlike some of the other projectors for daylight viewing, it is compact in size and highly portable. It has an easy setup process and can offer a comparatively high screen size.


  • Small and compact
  • Can provide a large screen size
  • The throw ratio is great
  • Sports dual speakers
  • Has multiple connectivity ports 


  • Might have focus issues from time to time
  • It does not come with any instructions

7. benq tk850 projector

benq tk850 projector

On your hunt for the best projectors for daylight viewing, you might want something that has an exceptionally low input latency. Well, if that is the case for you, you should look at what BenQ is offering with this unit.

First of all, this daylight viewing projector has a considerably low input lag. So, it will be possible to hook this unit with gaming consoles and play fast-paced games without facing issues.

Aside from the low input lag, the projector supports HDR contents. The HDR Pro mode will supercharge the contrast ratio and make the images seem true to life. It will also enhance the image quality and offer crisp and clear images.

But that is not all! It sports cinematic color technology. That will make sure that this projector for daylight viewing can offer lifelike colors on the projected images. The brightness of the pictures will be exceptionally high too.

You will be capable of easily adjusting the projected images as well. There are both lens shift and zoom capabilities. And the sports mode will make sure you have an immersive audio-listening experience.

Why Should Get It?

If you were looking for an excellent daylight viewing projector with a low input lag, this one is it! It even supports HDR contents, and the color it produces is true to life.


  • Has a low input lag
  • Supports HDR contents
  • Offers enhanced image quality
  • The brightness is reasonably high
  • Sports advanced modification features


  • The integrated fan is a bit loud
  • It does not have a good throw ratio

8. viewsonic smart led 4k projector

viewsonic smart led 4k projector

We have got yet another offering from ViewSonic. And like the previous one, it is a proper pick for the best projector for daylight viewing. Want to know all about it? Go through this review!

The first thing that makes it stand out is the versatile design. It will be possible to set this up on both ceilings and on the table. There are flexible connectivity ports as well. Connective devices to it with not be an issue.

It has Frame Interpolar Technology that will enhance the frame rate of the videos and allow you to enjoy action-packed games and fast-paced movies fully. Also, it has good speakers inside. They hold the ability to offer room-filling audio.

You will be pretty impressed with the color of the projected images. The color accuracy is reasonably high, and it is compatible with HDR content. Its built-in OS also holds the ability to download and run some of the commonly-used apps.

Besides that, it sports a highly efficient airflow system. It will lower the operational noise and allow you to get fully into the content. And the unit has native support for 4K contents.

Why Should You Get It?

This unit features a versatile design that will eliminate most setup issues. It even comes with a smart OS, which will let you run different apps natively. Also, the device has good speakers built-in.


  • Features a versatile design
  • Boasts a load of connectivity ports
  • Outputs high-quality images
  • It has a smart OS
  • Supports HDR contents


  • The copy-protection feature is a bit buggy
  • Cannot output 3D contents properly

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What to Look for Before Buying projector for daytime viewing?

Before you pull the trigger on any of the available models, you would need to keep a couple of things in mind. Those will increase your chances of getting the best projectors by allowing you to scrutinize the devices efficiently. So, without further ado, let us get into describing them, shall we?

1. Lumen Rate

Before anything else, you should factor in the lumen rate. The lumen rate is a measurement for visible light. It is the thing that will make the projectors capable of outputting good image quality when there is too much ambient light. A good starting point, for this case, would be anything that is around 3000.

But that does not mean that you should get the ones with a lumen rate of around 3000. Instead, we recommend checking out the devices that have a higher rate. Those will be more capable of providing a good picture quality outdoors and bright rooms.

2. Contrast Ratio

For the projectors, the higher the contrast ratio, the better. The units with a higher contrast ratio will be capable of providing darker blacks and brighter whites. That is something that you would want, right? Well, for that reason, you would need to consider the contrast ratio of the device.

Here, an appropriate starting point would be 1500:1. Again, we would recommend getting the devices that have a higher ratio. Those will not compromise one bit in terms of picture quality.

3. Color Quality

Another thing that you would need to factor in is the color quality. Even if the contrast and lumen rate are high, the images will feel washed out and less lifelike if the color accuracy is not that high.

4. Cooling System

The cooling system will play an important role. It will keep the lamp cool and allow it to perform accordingly. However, some of the units will go a bit too extreme for the cooling system. They will integrate a loud fan, which can degrade the content viewing experience.

For that reason, we recommend you opt for the devices that come with an intelligent cooling system. Those will keep the noise low and allow you to dive right into the content you will be watching on the projection machine.

5. Setup Process

The setup process and user experience go hand in hand with each other. And trust us; you would not want to opt for something that has a tricky setup process. Those will take hours to install. It will also be a hassle when you move the unit from one place to another. Instead, opt for a device that has a straightforward setup process.

On that note, you would want to consider whether there are a good amount of connectivity ports present or not. Without having flexible connectivity options, you might find yourself struggling to pair the projection machine with your preferred devices.

Projector For Daytime Viewing (FAQs)

1. Is the Epson Pro projector a good pick for daylight viewing projector?

The Epson Pro projector does have loads of potential. It has many features and can make the viewing experience feel immersive and enjoyable. However, we did not find the value proposition to be that great compared to the models we have reviewed.

2. Should I use a black projector screen to view contents in daylight?

Black projector screens would surely help the reflection issues during the daytime. Why? Because the black color is not that reflective. It will absorb the ambient lights. However, you would need to sit right in front of the screen to get a good viewing experience. If that does not seem like an issue for you, go for it!

3. Do daylight viewing projectors get hot?

That will depend on the cooling system. If the cooling system is up to the mark, you will not have to worry about the projector getting hot at all!

4. What are the standard projector resolutions?

The standard resolutions include 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4K. These will be at a 16:9 ratio, and most of the contents were meant to be enjoyed in these resolutions.

5. Is upscaled 4K resolution better than 1080p?

That will depend on the upscaling process. If the projector can properly upscale the images, it will surely be better than 1080p. However, no upscaled images will match with native 4K resolution fully.


With the best projector for daytime viewing, you can fully enjoy movies, games, and other content even when you set the devices up outdoors. And we can assure you that each one of the models will offer nothing but that! 

However, if we were to pick one, we would go with the Optoma GT1090HDR Short Throw. It can provide sharp images with a good contrast ratio. Also, the throw ratio is just right, which will let you easily set it up in different environments.

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