Can you put led bulbs in projector headlights? Yes! Here’s how!

Previously, traditional filament lamps were made from tungsten wire used for vehicles. But then, the vehicle headlights haveindisputably come a long way with the innovation of various upgraded versions of the bulbs.

One of the most common and hype lighting of recent times is LED bulbs among bulbs. But, as they are mainly used as interior lighting systems, the question often may arise like, can you put led bulbs in projector headlights?

Yes! Indeed, a LED bulb is better than any other lights, including halogen bulbs and HID in projectors headlights. They are so much power efficient and brighter compared to any other lights. But, when it comes to any other headlights other than the projector, which includes a reflector headlight, LED bulbs are not the way to go.

Let us explore in detail.

What do projector headlights mean?

Projector headlights, in brief,refer to the front lights of vehicles that help the driver inspect the night views without any hesitation. Headlights are often divided into several categories for various purposes, including the two most common headlights: the projector headlight and reflector headlight.

Projector headlights differ from reflector headlights through their construction and working dimensions design. Projector headlights consist of lights inside metal bowls,lenses, shutters, and mirrored reflectors.

The lensis the prime source of emitting lights, which can be of different types such as LED lights, HID lights, halogen lights, laser lights, and so on.

Shutters make the lights coming out of the lens concentrate on the main zone and cut the uneven beams of sunlight that blind other drivers.

Metal bowls helpintensify the lights and the help of mirrored reflectors to lure out the best from projectors’ headlights.

Can you put led bulbs in projector headlights?

Not only can you use it,but it is the best choice above all other sorts of lights when it comes to projector headlights. Led bulbs are mainly discovered to serve the section of projector headlights. They are designed so that they fit the best as projector headlights and therefore are preferred by the majority of the people.

Before putting led bulbs in projector headlights, we should first understand where they can’t be used. By doing so, you’ll automatically realize the fact of using LED bulbs for projector headlights.

With that being said, there is also a different kind of headlight called the reflector headlight when it comes to the headlights. Here, LED bulbs are not that much of a good idea. However, you are familiar with the lighting, like a halogen bulb and HDI,which come in places with reflector headlights.

Reflector headlights diverge beams of light, unlike projector headlights. LED bulbs can be a cause of disaster because LED bulbs are extensively brighter and don’t have the option of concentrating or intensifying the light in a specific direction. As a result, LED bulbs in reflector headlights can be the real reason behind blinding other drivers and causing accidents.

Under such cases, halogen bulbs dominate LED as they have their own set of balances. Also, the HDI lights are specially designed for reflector headlights as they project light in specific angles and dimensions. Instead of covering many surrounding areas like LED bulbs, HDI bulbs cast light in great distances with sharp projection, which helps the driver to see through the roads without distracting others.

Things start to get changed as we match from the section of reflector headlights to projector headlights. The maximum possible brightness coming out of the bulbs is required with the highest energy efficiency. Also, projector headlights have their interface of controlling light beams, such as a shutter, round lens, metal bowls,etc.

Such interfaces of the projector headlights assist LED bulbs in carrying out their performance. No such facilities for the LED bulbs are seen in the case of reflector lights. Therefore, it is best to put LED bulbs in projector headlights other than anywhere else.

Why are LED bulbs so much preferred in Projectors ‘headlights?

When it comes to preferring LED bulbs, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is a projector headlight.

According to research, about 86% of the people in 2019 chose LED bulbs for headlights which increased by 36% in just a year. But, the most important thing about them is that LED bulbs are only suitable for projector headlights.

The things due to which LED the people so much prefer bulbs are:

  • First, let us start by their brightness level, which is of touching sky level. LED bulbs are way brighter than regular and standard bulbs such as halogen bulbs. They serve 200% more brightness than a halogen bulb at the same power consumption and wattage level.
  • Secondly, the most crucialaction about the projector headlight LED bulbs is that they are so poweredthat their energy consumption level will shock anyone who hasn’t ever used a LED bulb before. And, the even intriguing part is that their low energy consumption does not affect the amount of brightness coming from them.
  • LED bulbs help decrease and reduce the amount of energy projector headlights consume. As a result, they save your money as well as wastage of power.
  • Other than the brightness, LED bulbs are preferable by people due to their long life expectancy. Average LED bulbs last for 30000 hours, and the higher-end models, that level of life expectancy is their half-life. Also, they do notget dimmer concerning time.

Why are LED bulbs preferred over halogen bulbs in projector headlights?

LED bulbs come with a lot more features than halogen bulbs that the modern age desires. For example, LED bulbs have a dim mode, which is absent in halogen bulbs. With the help of such a feature, the lumens and intensity of light can be adjusted anytime according to need.

Another great feature of LED bulbs is the “steady low parking lights,”which bestpark your car. LED bulbs emit the lowest possible heat while providing the highest brightness in the best energy-efficient way, which no one can expect from halogen bulbs.

The light bulbs of LED also come with lenses, unlike the halogen bulbs that intensify the light even more for a lovely night view.

LED projector headlight emits light at an angle of 360°, which covers the whole area in front of your vehicle, which is not seen in the case of halogen bulbs.

LED bulbs are also straightforward to set and fix in your vehicle’s projector headlight and come in various styles and designs to serve different purposes that halogen bulbs don’t come with.

These are some of the prevalentreasons behind which people prefer Led bulb over halogen and other sorts of lights for the projector headlights

Are LED lights brighter enough to be used for Projectors’ headlights?

Yes, LED bulbs are 200% to 300% brighter than standard halogen bulbs depending on the type and model representing bright enough.

LED bulbs produced brightness almost equal to very high power HID bulbs used in the reflector headlights. They also do it in significantly less power consumption compared to all other types of bulbs.

The only problem with the LED bulbs is that they do not cover long distances as HID does. They are similar in brightness but encompasses a wide range of surrounding area instead of long distances. So, when the vehicle is in speed and needs to react to objects faster, it becomes more of a problem for LED bulbs.

How do I know if I have a projector headlight on my car?

The most straightforward way to know is to look for it.

The LED bulbs are situated on the front of your vehicle’s interface at the projector headlight so that you can directly look at them.Headlight refers to the lighting of the front portion of cars which means that you have to find the LED bulbs of your projector headlight on the front sides.

If you see a fish-eye-shaped glass surface covering the bulbs of LED, then it is the projector. And, any light within the projector means that they are LED bulbs as almost all modern vehicles use LED bulbs in projector headlights.


Indeed, LED bulbs work most for projector headlights due to the features that everyone looks for from headlights. You can put them in your projector headlights as their rate of disappointment is nearer to negligible who’s proof is our today’s article!

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