How do I get sound from my Firestick to my projector? (9 easy steps)

How would it be if you shop a Firestick all the way to enjoy new releases and your favorite contentonline,which has both free and paid streaming services?

Also, imagine you have got a large screen projector and the Firestick for your own home theatre experience, which will be just like adding double masala to the flavor.

Right at that mid-time, the sound system of your theatre goes off! Whatwould bethe feeling that would pop up from your mind to your brain at that time?

Well, more than feeling anything, the ultimate thing that will haunt you at first is how do I get sound from my Firestick to my projector?

Using the wrong port of HDMI, switching to an incorrect speaker or projector setting, etc., may sometimes become the reason for not getting sound. To get sound from your Firestick to the projector, the first and foremost thing you need to do is connect the Firestick with your projector.

You can do it in the best way using an HDMI connection, which also becomes the reason forthe sound issue.

The article is an all-in-one solution to all the problems regarding your Firestick’s and the projector’s audio system.

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Why is there no sound from Firestick to my projector?

There often arise problems with no sound coming from Firesticks to projectors. And most of the time, people end up blaming the Firestick for the issue due to their lack of actual knowledge. Which is to say, not getting the sound from a projector connected with a Firestick never makes the Firestick responsible.

The problem is related to the projector itself, which can be anything. The issues within projectors are not one or two but can comprise a large number of reasonings that hindrance the sound system.

Out of many problems, some of the very common mentionableare-

  • Having a projector or speaker system set connected with the projector is invalid.
  • Accidental activation of mute option within the projector via remote or other initiatives.
  • Bluetooth headphones remain connected with your projector, which causes the sound to only stream through the headphones.
  • Using the latest feature of Dolby Atmos in such kinds of projectors that do not support it can cause the sound not to play as well.
  • Last but not least, a widespread mistake is selecting the wrong HDMI port, which can obstruct the whole process by stopping sound and image or video sharing.

How do I get sound from my Firestick to my projector?

Getting sound from Firestick to your projector is about connecting them as a whole. But often, the problem is with not getting the sound many times due to several reasons.

So today, we have come with all the ways of getting sound seamlessly from your Firestick and projector with the most straightforward answers at the first and more advanced tips saved for the last,and they are-

  1. Switching on your speakers may seem too simple but often a part where people make mistakes the most. It should be reminded that you need to switch on all your Firestick, projector, and speakers separately.
  2. Unmute your projector or the Firestick in case if it’s muted. Press on the mute option of the projector’s remote to see if the projector is accidentally muted or not. Also, get through the volume buttons of your speaker and see if the settings over there are all right.
  3. Often, bugs occur in the audio section, which also has solutions. Press on the circular ring button situated at your Firestick’s remote, which is known to fix audio bugs.
  4. Sometimes, the problems with the audio section can be solved by switching the HDMI inputs. Switch your HDMI input to other sources such as a Blue-ray player, Xbox console, etc., and then again switch back to your Firestick HDMI source.
  5. Restart and reboot your Fire TV Stick. Next, press on the option of select and playto reboot your stick.
  6. Again, various audio problems can be fixed by giving a quick system update of your Firestick.
  7. If the problem is with any individual one or two apps, check if any updates are available for those apps.
  8. Your Firestick may not get enough power, which often becomes the reason for not getting sound. Under such a case, plug your Firestick into a wall socket and use the power adapter that comes with your Firestick.
  9. Check your projector’s audio setting of the HDMI port with which your Firestick is connected. Go to your projector’s settings or action menu and explore the audio, sound, and speaker set. Ensure that the HDMI port’s audio system is not muted and you have selected the correct locations of keys.

For more guides you can watch this videos.

Does a Firestick work with projectors in providing sounds?

Well, this question was supposed to come even earlier but hits late. Anyway, a Firestick is most definitely compatible with any projector of recent days isproviding sound andvideos,  images, and so on.

To have it work on your projector, you have to connect it efficiently, which is the most crucialreason people prefer a Firestick. Connecting a Firestick is so much simple, just as plugging a stick into your projector. There needs no additional cables or wires to perform the task.

Just plug in the Fire TV Stick in your projector’s input, plug the Firestick again into a power source, turn on the systems, and then connect the Firestick to a speaker or any other audio source.

Controlling the sound from Firestick to your projector’s speaker system

Toget a seamless sound system from your Firestick to your projector, the most important thing is to control the sound of the projector’s speaker system.

The sound signal first comes from the streaming source, which is the Firestick itself, to the projector. Then the received sound from the Firestick to the projector is then transferred to the speaker for converting it into a hearable sound by the users. So, to get the ultimate sound, one needs to take care of the second step, which is controlling the sound from projectors to the speakers.

That is because the problem occurring with the sound is often not caused by the Firestick itself but the projector you are using. With that said, the projector audio system comes in two varieties on which you need to have your control. The projector comes with onboard speakers, and the projector does not come with onboard speakers.

If the projector is of the first type that contains onboard speakers, then it is the audio solution of that projector over which you don’t need any additional control.

But, if the projector is of no onboard speaker, you have to create the audio solution yourself inseveral ways. The best way is to connect an external speaker with your projector through bluetooth, cables, or other methods.

If you want to imitate your Firestick and use the Dolby Atmos sound system for your projector, you need to surround your theatre with sound speakers.

The end conclusion aboutall the speakers is that you put on your project or get their sound from the projector.

This is the prime and the ultimate reason behind controlling the sound coming from the Firestick to the speakers of your projector.

Using bluetooth to get sound from Firestick to the projector through speakers

When it comes to controlling the sound system from a Firestick to an audio source device or a speaker, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is bluetooth. It is the best wireless medium of connection between two devices and the easiest and recommended option. The ways of using bluetooth to get sound from Firesticks are:

  • First of all, check for the setting of bluetooth pairing on your Firestick after connecting it to the projector.
  • Secondly, put the receiver devices or the speakers into pairing mode toconnect through bluetooth.
  • Then test the systems and see connecting the bluetooth speakers with your Firestick.
  • In case of using an even more advanced system such as Dolby Atmos via bluetooth, make sure the receiver hasa built-in bluetooth option.
  • If the receiver is compatible with the bluetooth system, the instruction is the same as mentioned.

Can I get sound from Firestick to the projector using an HDMI audio extractor?

Another most straightforwardway of controlling the sound system and getting sound from Firestick to the projector’s output is through an HDMI audio extractor. The courses are free from complexities which are-

  • Plug-in your fire stick in the HDMI “in” option.
  • Run a cord of HDMI from the HDMI “out” to into your projector, and thus, the audio extractor is ready.
  • In the case of using Dolby Atmos, an additional step is needed. An optical cable is required that will run to the receiver to split the audio channels in between the speakers.


A Firestick sometimes gives us the problem of connecting to the speakers or by the issue of the audio system. Butthe payoff will beunique and worth it once you start to enjoy your favoritecontents with 4k video, Dolby Atmos, andmind-blowingaudio to match.

Solving some of the audio problems to get sound might be of some extra expense and time-consuming. However, today’s article has come into place,which is enough to solve any issues related to the audio section.

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