How Far Should A Projector Be From The Screen? (For Maximum Safety)

Have you ever wondered why people want to sit in the middle or last rows of the theatres while watching movies on big screens?

It is because a reasonable distance should be maintained from the screen to enjoy all the dimensions and angles of the projections.

A general viewing point is familiar to all, but the question remains, how far should a projector be from the screen?

The value of how far a projector should be from the screen largely depends on the sizing of the image that you want. The more the projector’s distance from the screen, the greater is the image size.

Again, image size also gets impacted due to some other settings along with the space. That includes the zoom factor of the image, aspect ratio, etc.

The post will cover all about projectors distancing and other related concepts for which stay tuned till the last.

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What is the Throw Distance for a Projector

What is the Throw Distance for a Projector?

Throw distance is the way to measure and considerthe width of your image produced by the projector and is mainly defined as the distance of the projector from the screen. Therefore, it can almost be related to the fundamental unit of measuring in the case of projectors, the exact reason behind which you are trying to know about it.

With that being said, to understand it deeply, we first need to know some terms. These are the throw ratio and image width.

The throw ratio is the relation between the image width and the throw distance, which helps to tell us the image’s width for a certain distance of the screen from the projector.

That is to say; the throw ratio is a kind of constant working for the length and width of the image. Every projector comes up with some specific throw ratio value that can be changed. It is designed by the manufacturer that keeps varying from one model to another.

The throw ratio for average projectors is 2. That is to say; for every 1 foot of the image width, the throw distance will be 2 feet.

Whereas image width professionally refers to the width of the projected image on the screen. Such width is only considered in terms of horizontal factors. The vertical aspectof the height is neglected under such consideration.

Therefore, we can only know how much the image is stretched horizontally and the space it will take to cover up the screen with this term.

These terms, throw ratio and image width, are applicable to find the ultimate product, the throw distance. In other words, throw distance directly refers to the distance between the projector lens and the projector’s image.

You can have tons of calculations for the perfect placement, installation, set up of your projector with the help of the term throw distance. However, you also need those two other mentioned terms that will be crucial for the calculation, and thus, we have made them familiar to you initially.

Some of the critical calculations that you can make through the throw distance are:

1. Calculating on where to place your screen or projector:

If it is such that you want an image of 20ft on your screen by a projector of 1.5 throw ratio, then you have to place your projector in a specific distance and position to achieve that.

The calculation can be done with the formula  TD= TR×IW.

Here, TR=1.5, IW=20, and we have to find the value of TD.

So, multiply the throw ratio with image width, which yields the value of throw distance 30ft. So you will need to place your projector 30ft away from the screen.

2. You are calculating the required throw ratio that you would need for your projector:

Most people are confused in this term about which throw ratio they will prefer when purchasing a projector for their home theatre. Unfortunately, after having a certain Throw ratio, there is no way to change it other than the whole model.

The only thing that will remain as an option for them is to play with the image width and the throw distance to make their desired adjustments with the fixed value of throw ratio.

So, it is essential to select your required throw ratio other than choosing any random value so that you don’t need to take trouble with your preferred image size and distance.

For achieving your water image width from your preferable throw distance, you can take favor of the calculation TR=TD/IW. That is to say, if you want an image of 20ft width with a throw distance of 30ft, then divide 30 with 20, and your required throw ratio is 1.5.

So, if you do this calculation even before purchasing your projector, you will know about the perfect throw ratio that you need to achieve your desirable values.

3. Calculating the value on how much wide image you can project on your screen:

The formula IW=TD/TR helps determine your screen size for fitting the projected image by your projector. People also confused isabout screensthey should buy according to their projector and image width.

For this, one should know about the image’s width that their projector will project. And the values of throw distance and throw ratio should be fixed early to achieve the image width.

If TD=30ft, TR=1.5, the image width produced in such a case is 30/1.5=20ft. So, that person should get a 20ft screen for himself,which will be enough to fit the projected image.

How far should I mount my projector from the screen?

How far should I mount my projector from the screen

Everything in the manual of projectors depends on those three crucial factors: throw ratio, throw distance, and image width, as mentioned before. In addition, the side factors affecting some of the results are the image’s aspect ratio and zoom factor.

If you want to know how far you should mount your projector from the screen, which refers to the throw distance, the result depends on the combination of all other mentioned factors.

For producing an image measuring 80 inches with a fixed throw ratio and aspect ratio of 16:10 and general zoom factor, you would need a throw distance of 96-107 inches which is the distance between your screen and projector.

How Far Does a Projector have to be from a 120″ Screen?

The distances for the projector from the projected image of 120″ screen width are:

  • For 120 inches image width, several screw hole number 2and 16:10 aspect ratio, the throw distance is 147-160 inches.
  • For 120 inches image width, several screw hole number 2 and 4:3 aspect ratio, throw distance is 166-181 inches.
  • For 120 inches image width, several screw hole number 2 and 6:9  aspect ratio, throw distance is 151-165 inches.

How far from the ceiling should the projector screen be?

There exist no specific calculation for the distance from the ceiling to the projector screen in terms of a perfect home theatre design. But,analyses exist forsome particular values of the net lengthfrom the floor or ground level.

How far the screen should be from the floor depends on the number of rows your home theatre consists of. For only one or two rows, the distance from the bottom to the projector screen should be 24-36″, and for several rows, it will increase to 40-48″.

From this calculation, you can also find out the screen’s distance from the ceiling by considering the screen’s height and the distance between the floor and the screen.

A report on the average distance of projector screen from the ceiling is:

For 59-inch diagonal image size, the distance in percentage from the ceiling to the screen is 8%. For 60 inches, it is 9, and for 70 inches, it is 10%,respectively.

How far should a projector be from a 70-inchscreen?

Besides the throw distance, the projector’s distance from the screen is offset. Projectors usually have an offset of 21%, which means that the projector lens should be placed higher than the top edge of the screen by 21% of the screen height.

So, we have learned a new term called offset beside throw distance, throw ratio, image width, aspect ratio, and zoom factors. Considering all these, how far should a projector be from a 70-inch screen, or the throw distance is-

  • For 70 inches image width, 4.4 inches offset, fixed throw ratio, and 16:10 aspect ratio, the throw distance is 28-39 inches.
  • For 70 inches image width, 4.9 inches offset, fixed throw ratio, and 4:3 aspect ratio, throw distance is 32-44 inches.
  • For 70 inches image width, 6.4 inches offset, fixed throw ratios, and 6:9  aspect ratio, throw distance is 29-40 inches.

How far should you sit from a 100-inch projector screen?

From the calculation considering all the factors affecting the screen size of the projected image, an optimum distance of viewing has been discovered.

From 100 in jest screen size, a distance of 119 inches or 3m from the screen to the seat should be maintained, a worldwide acceptable viewing point.

Avoiding that calculated distance from the screen to the viewing point will not allow the viewer to enjoy the screen timing properly.

How far does a projector have to be from a 200-inchscreen?

The distances of a projector from a 200-inch screen are:

  • For 200 inches image width, 9.8 inches offset, fixed throw ratio, and 16:9 aspect ratio, the throw distance is 233-378 inches.
  • For 200 inches image width, 12 inches offset, fixed throw ratio, and 4:3 aspect ratio, the throw distance is 285-463 inches.


The post is a brief guide to all the concepts regarding a perfect setup for your projector, whether for a home theatre or for making extensive calculations at movie halls. To avoid any possible errors and uncertainties, get through the guide correctly. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment!

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