Why does my projector flicker? (Reason and solution)

Projector offers the best sort of image quality possible in today’s generation.In addition, they provide every inch on the screen with relatively lesser expensesthan TV and monitorwith 4K contents.

So, like thousands of projector users, you would also not find a reason not to go for a projector.

The only most common complaint among the projector users is why my projector flicker, which is supposed to serve pure content?

And, our answer to this question is that ifonewants to know,hehas to go through severalfavorable circumstances out of which any single thing can be the reason for his projector to flicker.

Typical cases are bulbs about to run bad, dust accumulation, inadequate power supply, ground loops, refresh rate, loose connection, resolution, etc.

We have covered every one of the topics mentioned above in detail, for which you need to read this article!

Why is my projector flickering green?

Why does my projector flicker?

The flickering projector is a widespread problem seen among users. Flickering generally refers to uncertainties and irregularities in light supply, brightness, or flame. Users complain so much about the issues of flashing the projector as the projected image becomes distracting and causes them to catch their eyes.

Now, such a problem is often seen within the projectors as there are tons of reasons behind causing a flickering projection. The reasons are so much in projected compared to other devices such as TV, computers, monitors, etc. So, the complaint about the same is also more in the case of projectors.

With that being said, you may have some idea about the flickering projectors and their reasons which are also mentioned at the beginning of our article. But, often, people mistakes with a most familiar term regarding a flickering projector: they always consider a projector to be responsible for flickering images, which is not true all the time.

Flickered images can often occur due to an issue with the power source. An excellent projector can still produce flickered images if the power source is faulty. We all know that projector runs through a source device: a computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

In the case of a computer, ensure an updated graphics card or graphics driver, which is often the root of all problems. Also, I prefer a high-speed HDMI cable instead of VGA or DVI, which will help you to ensure a good working power supply for your projector.

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Does a projector flicker when the lamp doesn’t get enough power?

Yes, a root cause of flickering image is when the lamp in a projector is not supplied with enough power. If the mechanics are not getting the fuel to run correctly, how could it serve to its maximum?

The same thing occurs with projectors often when we use “eco mode.” Users like this mode forseveral reasons, out of which the best thing is to lessen projector fan noises. When the projector runs at higher intensity, heat accumulates, which is harmful to the device. So, an inbuilt fan remains in all types of the projector to protect itself from excessive heat.

While doing so, the projector makes noises that often become a source of irritation for many users. So, projector companies established a special mode known as “eco mode,”whosecentral working dimension is to lessen the power supply.

Much less power supply to the lamps often obstructs them from producing better images by playing with light particles. Light particles known as photons are not highly mobile in the absence of enough power, and thus, the projected image is caused to flicker.

Switching back to “normal mode” will solve the problem in such cases, and you don’t need to do anything extra but tolerate a little bit of the fan noises. But, again, by decreasing the brightness of the images, you can get the fan noise to much lower levels.

What happens if the projector’s lamp goes bad?

Another most unavoidable reason behind your projector flicker is the lamp going bad. No projector lamps are made to last forever. Instead, they have specific life expands, which depend from models to models and usage rate.

Generally, the average projectors lamp will survive in between 1500-3000 hours. The number can increase to a crazy level like 30000 for only the special editions of projector that comes expensive.

With that being said, lamps always show some signs before they run badly. As sure as they’re running poorly, the pre-signs are also indisputable who’s example is a flickering projector.

So, whenever if a lamp is responsible for your flickering projector, you should realize that the lamp is about to die. Most projectors have learning signs like a yellow or red light blinking when the lamps are about to get worse.

As a result, you should check and monitor your lamp health by inspecting physically, checking any damages or burns within the lamp, and checking the life expectancy in the menu available in the lamp life option.

According to all these, replace the lamp bulb and thus solve the problem of your flickering projector.

Do projectors flicker when dust build-up?

If you have replaced the lamp bulbs of your projector and still the problem remains, then it may be due to dust build-up inside the color wheels.

You may not even imagine, but simple dust can become the whole reason for your projector to project flickered images on the screen. Many become tired of getting through all the things in a projector responsible for flashingimages as the most ignoring part is the dust which is a leading problem!

You need to open up your projector and clean the color wheel to solve the issue. However, as the problem is within the internal factors of the projector, it is mainly ignored by most users.

While opening the projector, the most important thing you should remember is that you should be in a clean, fresh, and dust-free zone with your hands being super clean.

For instance, you can use surgical gloves to prevent any streakscaused to the projector’s internal components.

Flickering of projection image due to ground loops

Flickering of projection image due to ground loops

A ground loop is one of the most criticalfactors that cause image flickering in projectors. Ground loop mainly occurs due to an uncertain relationship between the power source and the projector.

When both the projector and the power source are not connected with the same AC power source but to different sources that follow the same grounding path.

If it is causing the problem, connecting the source and the projector with the same outlet will solve it.

Also, you can use a cheater plug on any devices that may be the source or the objector to troubleshoot the problem. In such a case, you need to keep in mind that, cheater plug should only be used in troubleshooting.

Why projector flicker due to a loose connection?

It will be beyond your thinking level that flicker of the image can also be caused due to a simple reason: a loose connection of cables.

And, if the problem is with the cable’s connection, then unplug the thread and then solidly plug in the line, and the flickering will be fine.

The root cause of the cable and flickering image is when the video cables are damaged. Choose the high-quality HDMI cables to connectthe source device and projector to run a seamless interface.

What are the issues with resolution, refresh rate, and frame rate with a flickering projector?

The co-relation between resolution, refresh rate, and frame rate should be balanced without problems like image flickering becomingcertain.

If the refresh rate is low, then flickering is an obvious thing to occur. Projectors these days have multiple options with refresh rates. A refresh rate no lesser than 60 Hz is suggested for the best output. A 9Hz refresh rate is relatively faster,which has no probability of causing image flickering.

Again, the frame rate should also be kept in mind according to the resolution of your image. If you are watching pictures with significantly higher resolution, consider the frame rate to remain on higher levels.

Otherwise, consider lower resolution images and especially according to your projector’s native resolution, to avoid a flickering projector.


The sole reason behind choosing a projector is to enjoy perfect and seamless broadcasting on larger screens, clarity, and details. And, no matter how much capable a projector is in terms of quality, a flickering image is enough alone to ruin the whole impression.

And such thing can occur due to many simple reasons which we have covered today amid everyone so that users can enjoy their projectors without any complaints!

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